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Ontario Highway Traffic Cameras

Hwy 400 | GTA Hwy 401 | Burlington/Mississauga | Niagara | Ottawa | London | Sarnia

City of Toronto Traffic Cameras | York Region Traffic Cameras

Hwy 400 Cams

To view current traffic conditions at any particular area along the highway, just click on the appropriate camera location

400 N of Hwy 401 | 400 N of Wilson Ave | 400 near Sheppard Ave | 400 N of Sheppard Ave | 400 near Finch Ave | 400 N of Finch Ave | 400 near Steeles Ave | 400 near Hwy 407 | 400 near Hwy 7 | 400 N of Hwy 7 | 400 near Langstaff Rd





Hwy 400

GTA Hwy 401 Cams

401 near Harwood Ave | 401 near Westney Rd | 401 near Church St | 401 E of Brock Rd | 401 near Brock Rd | 401 E of Liverpool Rd | 401 near Liverpool Rd | 401 E of Whites Rd | 401 near Whites Road | 401 near Rougemout Dr | 401 near Rouge River | 401 near Port Union Rd | 401 near Kingston Rd | 401 near Meadowvale Rd | 401 E of Conlins Rd | 401 near Conlins Rd | 401 near Morningside Ave | 401 E of Neilson Rd | 401 near Neilson Rd | 401 E of Markham Rd | 401 near Markham Rd | 401 near Bellamy Rd | 401 near McCowan Rd | 401 near Brimley Rd | 401 near Midland Ave | 401 near Kennedy Rd | 401 near Birchmount Rd | 401 near Warden Ave | 401 near Victoria Park Ave | 401 E of DVP | 404 N of Hwy 401 | 404 near Sheppard Ave | 404 near Van Horne Ave | 404 near Finch Ave | 401 near Don Mills Rd | 401 near Leslie St | 401 E of Bayview Ave | 401 near Bayview Ave | 401 E of Yonge St | 401 near Yonge St | 401 near Hoggs Hollow | 401 near Avenue Rd | 401 near Bathurst St | 401 near Allen Rd S | 401 near Allen Rd N | 401 near Dufferin St | 401 near Caledonia Rd | 401 near Keele St | 401 near MTO Operations Center | 401 at basket weave near Jane St | 401 near Jane St | 401 near Hwy 400 S 401 near Weston Rd | 401 near Islington Ave | 401 near Hwy 409 N | 401 near Kipling Ave | 401 near Martin Grove Rd | 401 near Hwy 27 | 401 near Carlingview Dr

GTA Hwy 401





Burlington/Mississauga Cams

QEW near Burlington St | QEW near Woodward Ave | QEW near Eastport Dr | QEW Burlington Skyway - Hamilton | QEW Burlington Skyway near lift bridge | QEW Burlington Skyway near Niagara bound lanes | QEW S of Hwy 2 | QEW N of Hwy 2 | QEW near Fairview St | QEW near Hwy 403 | 403 near King Rd | QEW W of Brant St | QEW E of Brant St | QEW near Guelph Line | QEW btn Guelph Ln and Walkers Ln | QEW near Walkers Ln | QEW btn Walkers Ln and Appleby Ln | QEW near Appleby Ln | QEW btn Appleby Ln and Burloak Dr | QEW near Burloak Dr | QEW btn Burloak Dr and Bronte Rd | QEW near Bronte Rd | QEW btn Bronte Rd and 3rd Ln | QEW near 3rd Ln | QEW near 4th Ln | QEW E of 4th Ln | QEW near Dorval Dr | QEW east of Dorval Dr | QEW near Trafalgar Rd | 403 W of King Rd | QEW near Red Hill Creek | QEW near Centennial Pkwy | QEW near Grays Rd | QEW near Millen Rd | QEW near Royal Windsor Dr | QEW near Ford Plant | QEW near Hwy 403 | QEW near Winston Churchill Blvd | QEW btn Winston Churchill Blvd and Erin Mills Pkwy | QEW near Erin Mills Pkwy | QEW near Erin Mills Pkwy and Mississauga Rd | QEW near Mississauga Rd | QEW btn Mississauga Rd and Hwy 10 | QEW near Hwy 10 | QEW btn Hwy 10 and Cawthra Rd | QEW near Cawthra Rd | QEW btn Cawthra Rd and Dixie Rd | QEW near Dixie Rd | QEW near Etobicoke Creek | QEW near The West Mall | QEW S of Hwy 427 | QEW N of Hwy 427 | 403 near Mavis Rd | 403 near Creditview Rd | 403 near Erin Mills Pkwy | 403 near Winston Churchill Blvd | 403 near 403/407 split | 403 near West of Winston Church Blvd. | 403 near Glen Erin Dr. | 403 near West of Mississauga Rd. | 403 near East of Mississauga Rd | 403 near West of Mavis Rd | 403 near West of Hwy 10 | 403 near Dundas St.









Niagara Cams

QEW near Ontario St | QEW near Lake St St | QEW near Niagara St - East side of Overpass | QEW Skyway West | QEW Skyway East | QEW near Glendale Ave | QEW at Sandplant Hill/405/QEW split | QEW S of Mountain Rd | 405 E of Concession 6 Rd | 405 E of Warner Rd | 405 E of St Paul Ave | 405 E of Stanley Ave | 405 btn Stanley Ave and Niagara River | 405 W of Niagara River | QEW near Bowen Rd | QEW W of Thompson Rd | WB Thorold Tunnel near E of entrance | WB Thorold Tunnel at the entrance | WB Thorold Tunnel near W of entrance | WB Thorold Tunnel near E of Welland Canal | WB Thorold Tunnel near W of Welland Canal | EB Thorold Tunnel near W of entrance | EB Thorold Tunnel at the entrance | EB Thorold Tunnel near E of entrance | EB Thorold Tunnel near W of Welland Canal | EB Thorold Tunnel near E of Welland Canal 


Ottawa Cams

417 near Ottawa Rd 174 | 417 btn St Laurent Blvd and Vanier Pkwy | 417 near Lees Ave | 417 near Booth St | 417 btn Merivale Rd and Parkdale Ave | 417 S of Carling Ave | 417 N of Carling Ave | 417 near Woodroffe Ave | 417 near Pinecrest Rd | S of 417 btn Hwy 416 and Richmond Rd | N of 417 btn Hwy 416 and Richmond Rd | 417 Between Ottawa Road 174 and St. Laurent Blvd.






London Cams

401 near Highbury Ave S | 401 near Wellington Rd S | 401 near Old Victoria Rd S

Sarnia Cams

402 near Front St N | 402 near Christina St N | 402 near Indian Rd S | 402 near Modeland Rd | 402 near Blackwell Sideroad | 402 near Airport Rd | 402 near Jackson Rd | 402 near Brigden Rd | 402 near Waterworks Sideroad | 402 near Mandaumin Rd





80-York Mills: DVP-East Side South Side of York Mills 79-Three Valleys: DVP-East Side South Side of Brookbanks 78-Lawrence: DVP-East Side North Side of Lawrence 77-Twin Tunnels: DVP-East Side North Side of Rail Bridge 76-Eglinton: DVP-East Side North Side of Eglinton 75-St. Dennis: DVP-East Side South Side of St. Dennis 74-Spanbridge: DVP-East Side North of Spanbridge 73-CN Railway: DVP-West Side South of Rail Bridge 71-Don Mills: DVP-West Side North of Don Mills 70-Millwood: DVP-West Side North of Millwood 69-Beechwood: DVP-West Side South of Beechwood 68-Bloor ramp: DVP-West Side South of Bayview/Bloor Ramp 67-Danforth: DVP-East Side South of Danforth Rd 66-Dundas: DVP-East Side South Side of Dundas 65-Eastern: DVP-East Side North Side of Eastern Toronto Cams


67-Danforth: DVP-East Side South of Danforth Rd 66-Dundas: DVP-East Side South Side of Dundas 65-Eastern: DVP-East Side North Side of Eastern 33-Kipling: FGG-South Side East of Kipling Avenue 32-Royal York: FGG-South Side East of Royal York 31-Grand Ave: FGG-South Side West Side of Grand Ave 30-Parklawn: FGG-South Side West Side of Parklawn 28-W/B Gardiner/DVP: FGG-South Side West of DVP 26-Humber East: FGG-Humber Roof of Palace Pier 25-FGG/Kingsway: FGG-South Side East of Humber River 24-Ellis: FGG-South Side West of Ellis Ave 23-Sunnyside: FGG-South Side East of Parkside 22-Dowling: FGG-South Side West of Jameson 21-Dunn: FGG-South Side East of Jameson 20-Dufferin: FGG-South Side East of Dufferin 19-British Columbia: LS-South Side East of Jameson 18-Ontario Place: LS-South Side East of Dufferin 17-Battery Park: LS-South Side West of Strachan 16-Strachan: FGG-South Side East of Strachan Ave 15-Remembrance: LS-South Side West of Bathurst 14-Bathurst: FGG-South Side West of Bathurst 13-Spadina: FGG-South Side West of Spadina Ave 12-Skydome: FGG-South Side East of Spadina Ave 11-Rees: LS-South Side East of Spadina 10-York: LS-Eastbound Lanes East of York Street 9-York/Gardiner: FGG-South Side West of York Street 8-Bay: LS-North Side East of Bay Street 7-Yonge: LS-North Side East of Yonge Street 6-Jarvis/Gardiner: FGG-South Side East of Jarvis Street 5-Jarvis/Lake Shore: LS-South Side West of Jarvis Street 4-Parliament: LS-South Side East of Parliament 3-Cherry: FGG-South Side East of Parliament Street 2-DVP/Gardiner ramp: LS-South Side West of DVP 1-Don Roadway: LS-South Side East of DVP

York Region Traffic Cams


York Region

Hwy 400 and Hwy 9 | Yonge St at Davis Drive | Yonge St and London Rd | Davis Dr at Southlake RHC | Leslie St at Davis Dr | Hwy 7 at Hwy 404 | Yonge St and Major Mackenzie Dr | Yonge St at Royal Orchard | Bathurst St at Carville Rd | Hwy 7 at Keele St | Hwy 7 at Jane St | Hwy 7 at Weston Rd | Hwy 7 at Pine Valley






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